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Kofutu is a self-development and spiritual healing system based on the use of higher consciousness energy symbols that allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing.  Kofutu is not a substitute for individual efforts on one's personal journey.  Rather, it enhances a person's ability to release any non-productive energies that have created or encouraged disharmony in body, mind, spirit or material life.  The disharmony released need not be limited to physical illness or disease.  It may be emotional stress, problems in relationships or careers, financial difficulties or anything in a person's life that is contrary to harmonious flow.

In Kofutu Touch Healing, the recipient lies on a massage table and the hands of the practitioner are placed in various positions that connect the energy inherent in the Kofutu symbols with the energy channels in the body.  This process can bring immediate centering and release from both physical and emotional pain.  In Kofutu Absent Formula Healing the physical presence of the healing recipient is not required.  A variety of techniques are used for facilitating healing for individuals, relationships, groups, animals, plants and machines.  There are also provisions for healing the planet and promoting world peace.

It is said that Kofutu was used in ancient Atlantis by the Kamuri Priesthood and was one of twelve areas of study in a system of intellectual and spiritual development called Mantura.  It was also used in ancient Egypt.  However, Kofutu was lost to the world when the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed by Arab invaders in the seventh century.  In modern times, Kofutu was rediscovered by Frank Homan who channeled the system from several of the Ascended Masters, including one named Tamarasha.

Anyone with a sincere desire to become a Kofutu practitioner and/or certified instructor can learn Kofutu.  There are thirteen levels of Kofutu available, each with an increasingly intense level of Kofutu energy.  This order of intensity should not be construed as a level of healing power or ability.  A healer working with the techniques of a lower level can be just as effective as someone working at a higher level.  As a healer progresses through the levels, she or he will be exposed to progressively more intense levels of Kofutu energy.  This increase is very likely to speed up the individual's spiritual and personal growth which can have many positive results.

I am a certified instructor of Kofutu through Level VI.  This means that I teach classes in Kofutu yet another person, who is a Kofutu Master, actually performs the attunement ceremony at a distance over the course of a 7-day period.  See www.Kofutu.com for more information about Kofutu.

Please contact me for additional information about Kofutu classes.


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