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The purpose of conscious breathing is not primarily the movement
of air, but the movement of energy. If you do a relaxed,
connected breathing cycle for a few minutes, you will begin
to experience dynamic energy flows within your body.
These energy flows are the merging of spirit and matter.

Leonard Orr

The term "spirit" is derived from the Latin "spiritus" meaning "breath." In the Hawaiian language, the word for God, "Ha," also means "breath." In Eastern cultures such as China and India, the breath is known as "chi" and "prana," respectively, and has been used for centuries by sages and yogis as a tool for spiritual purification and enlightenment. While perfecting the practice of various breathing techniques, these seekers discovered that the energy of the breath is also one of the most natural and inborn resources available for the healing of virtually any disease of the mind or body. Thus, the breath is the bridge between the invisible (spirit) and the visible (matter) and, as such, has been said to be the "primary vehicle for restoring divine energy into the human mind and body."

It is through the breath that you think, speak, walk, eat, talk -- that you accomplish anything you do. For optimum health, well-being and peak performance, the breath must flow smoothly throughout the energy pathways of the body. Shallow and restricted breathing or subventilation is very common and is one of the most effective ways the body uses to suppress the experience of traumas, anger, stress, fear, anxiety, sadness or other physical or emotional pain. While this reaction is part of the body’s natural defense system and can be helpful at times of crisis, any long-standing, uncorrected imbalances in the flow of the breath or life force will usually result in blocks that create physical, mental and emotional fatigue and illness and eventually even death.

Rebirthing is a loving and gentle, yet powerful holistic approach to healing that uses the energy of the breath for release and clearing of suppressed physical, mental and emotional blocks and negative patterns that result from your life experiences. It rehabilitates the breathing mechanism through the use of a breathing rhythm called "conscious breathing" which reverses and corrects subventilation and its effect. The rhythm of conscious breathing is gentle with the inhalation connected to the exhalation in a continuous cycle and with total relaxation on the exhalation.

As you become aware of your negative blocks and release them through conscious use of the breathing rhythm, it is common to have the experience of a new start at life together with a greater sense of meaning and purpose and an expanded awareness of self in relation to the whole. Other reported benefits include deep relaxation, stress reduction, better health and vitality, clearing of addictive patterns, increased creativity, mental clarity and focus, improved family and interpersonal relationships, emotional stability, and greater self-empowerment and esteem. The positive effects of Rebirthing are cumulative and will carry forward from session to session building momentum as you proceed through the healing process.

Each Rebirthing session has five components that are part of the Rebirthing cycle. They are: (1) activation of suppressed material through conscious breathing, (2) focusing awareness in the present moment on the sensations and emotions that are surfacing as the energy intensifies, (3) acceptance of the experience without judgment, (4) total relaxation, and (5) integration and grounding of the session at a cellular level. When the Rebirthing cycle has been successfully completed, the resulting experience is one of joy, inner peace and unconditional love.

Rebirthing creates harmony between body, mind and spirit through openness of the heart, increased pranic energy and oxygen intake, kundalini-shakti activation and rekindling of the DNA. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are nourished awakening your innate healing resources and creating inner peace, freedom and joy on all levels. The suppressed energy patterns are removed, dissolving everything that stands in the way of the body’s natural circulation of blood, oxygen and light energy. The process reconnects you to your spiritual birthright and transforms the quality of your daily existence from fear, depression and anxiety to happiness, joy and bliss. A restructuring of the DNA occurs that rejuvenates the body and at the same time catapults you into new forms of multidimensional intelligence. The love frequency inside your body is increased leading you to unite with your soul purpose and to experience the unity of life and the connection that you share with all existence.

Rebirthing sessions must be done in person and usually last for one to two hours.

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